Hyperpigmentation is a common, harmless problem characterized by aging signs, sun damage, and an uneven complexion. Developing an uneven skin tone happens as people get older and incur sun damage. After a certain age, the appearance of darker skin, age spots, and blemishes can become more common. If you’ve noticed an excessive amount of these issues and are looking for an effective solution, Bellezza Laser Spa is here for you. Bellezza offers peels, HydraFacials, and laser treatment to address a range of skin issues. To explore the entire treatment catalog, schedule a FREE consultation in Westborough, MA today.


How Does Hyperpigmentation Occur?

Pigmentation issues occur when melanocytes begin to produce too much pigment in our skin. Having too much pigment causes skin issues such as spots or patches. These spots can appear just about anywhere. Hyperpigmentation from acne is also common in younger people and can have a big impact on a person’s self-esteem. You and your skin deserve the absolute best. Bellezza offers several options for giving you the skin you deserve.

What Are the Signs?

The most common sign of hyperpigmentation is an uneven skin tone. This can present itself in the form of white, brown, or black patches on the face or body. Discoloration from acne can often be accompanied by pimples and scarring that could give your skin a bumpy texture. Aging signs such as wrinkles and fine lines may also develop as your skin loses quality over time.

Older woman with hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation Treatment Options

Bellezza Laser Spa offers refreshing HydraFacial® treatments for dealing with hyperpigmentation signs. Unlike chemical peels, which rely on strong acidic solutions to exfoliate your skin, HydraFacial® treatments involve non-irritating mixes of salicylic and glycolic acids. These special mixtures are far more gentle on the skin, yet allow for enough exfoliation to give you the results you want.

Treating Hyperpigmentation in Westborough, MA

If you are unhappy with the state of your skin, a HydraFacial® solution may be just what you need. To learn more, simply schedule a FREE consultation at Bellezza Laser Spa by filling out the form below or calling (508) 314-3721. Get started today and get the silky skin of your dreams!