Sun Damage

Getting some sun exposure is very important for staying healthy. However, the more time you spend outside, the more likely you are to incur sun damage. Sunspots, age spots, sunburn, and other skin issues can all result from being in the sun for a long period of time. While putting on sunscreen is a great way of protecting your skin, most of us find it hard to sustain this habit. If you have discovered signs of damage on your skin, Bellezza Laser Spa can help. Bellezza offers several non-invasive options for improving the appearance of your skin with little to no downtime afterward.


How Does Sun Damage Occur?

Sun damage can happen after prolonged exposure to UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays have long wavelengths and dig deep into the skin’s thickest layer. Exposure to these rays over a long period of time without sunscreen can cause advanced aging and the appearance of skin spots. UVB rays are shorter in length but can still cause a significant amount of damage. These rays burn the top layers of your skin and play a big role in the development of more complicated issues like skin cancer.

What Are the Signs of Sun Damage?

Some of the most obvious signs of sun damage include the appearance of age spots, brown spots, wrinkles, and a rough skin texture. In most cases, getting exposed to the sun’s rays doesn’t incur major health risks. However, having hyperpigmentation due to overexposure to the sun can cause you to feel self-conscious. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your skin, get in touch for a FREE consultation at Bellezza today.

sun damaged skin

Treatment Options for Sun Spots

Bellezza Laser Spa offers several non-invasive methods of improving your skin. If you’re looking for a means of reducing age spots, an IPL Photofacial can help eliminate targetted pigment. For a more beautiful and even texture, microdermabrasion can offer excellent results. To learn more, get in touch with Bellezza in Westborough today.

Sun Damage Treatments in Westborough, MA

If you are struggling with sun damage and would like to improve your skin texture, Bellezza Laser Spa can help. To explore Bellezza’s treatment options, simply schedule a FREE consultation in Westborough, MA. Get started by filling out the form below or calling the office at (508) 314-3721.