Laser Hair Removal

What kind of lasers does Bellezza use?

  • Bellezza has two types of FDA-approved lasers. Our experience in laser hair removal has shown that no one laser can accommodate all skin types and colors. Dark skin types require a specific YAG laser to be safe and effective. For lighter skin types we use the Syneron laser, which is considered the gold standard in laser hair removal

Who performs laser hair removal?

  • All laser hair removal treatments are performed by one of well-trained certified professionals. Our technician is extensively trained before performing any treatments. Additionally, a licensed medical doctor serves as a medical director for our laser clinic.

What types of hair color and skin color can be treated with laser hair removal?

  • While laser hair removal can be performed on virtually any skin color and hair type, hair color is the most important factor. The light emitted from the laser is attracted to the melanin, or dark pigment, in the hair follicle. This means that dark hair is treated most effectively. Treatments performed on red, blonde, and gray hair are not generally as effective. Our laser modalities, allow us great versatility for accommodating the wide variance in hair and skin color

How much does laser hair removal cost?

  • Laser hair removal requires a series of treatments to be effective. There are no short cuts to this process. Each treatment removes a progressive percentage of the hair until ultimately the skin becomes smooth and hair free. We accurately price our treatment packages thru completion of the process, and beyond.
  • You’ll be happy to know we offer the best treatment package. We recommend a free consultation to make sure we customize the right amount of treatments for each of our guests. We have several different pricing options to fit your personal situation, which makes removing unwanted hair easy and affordable for EVERYONE!

Photofacial or Skin Rejuvenation

How does IPL Photofacial work?

  • IPL photofacial is an innovative way to quickly, safely, and comfortably improve your skins texture, tone, and color. Though a noninvasive method of photo rejuvenation, IPL photofacial, treats photo-aged skin, removes age spots, most benign brown pigments and redness caused by broken capillaries. At Bellezza, we use Syneron Emax for IPL treatments.
  • IPL photofacial utilizes a laser light medical device that delivers a series of gentle pulses of visible light onto the surface of your skin. In a series of treatments, the light will target the surface of your skin to effectively eliminate redness, broken capillaries, brown spots, sun damage, large pores, fine lines, Rosacea and melasma conditions. Upon assessing the degree of skin damage, specific settings are selected by a certified technician to customize photofacial treatment for best results. Some patients/clients opt for chemical peels or microdermabrasion in conjunction with photofacial treatments to enhance results.

What happens during a Photofacial treatment?

  • Once the settings are established, you and the technician will wear protective eyewear, a cool gel will be applied to the areas to be treated. During the treatment, the hand piece is applied to the skin, which will feel cold. When the pulse of light is delivered to the skin surface, you will feel a brief warm pinching sensation.

How many treatments will I need?

  • On average, 4-6 treatments are recommended, scheduled at 4 week intervals. Each session usually lasts about 20 minutes with patients/clients returning to normal activity immediately afterwards.

What happens after the treatment?

  • Immediately following your photofacial, you will notice reddening of the surrounding skin (typically subsides within a few hours). Signs of age spots and sun damage will darken, but over the next 1-2 weeks will fade or flake off. Capillaries will be either blanched out or darkened.

When will I see results?

  • Within 2-3 weeks after your treatment, your complexion will be clearer and younger looking. You will notice a reduction in redness, flushing, and dilated capillaries. The skin looks healthier as sun damage, fine lines, pore size, freckling, and irregular pigmentation is minimized. Remember to avoid sun exposure, wear a broad spectrum sun-block, even in the winter months. Protect your rejuvenated complexion!

Skin Resurfacing Treatments

What is laser skin resurfacing?

  • Laser skin resurfacing can reduce facial wrinkles, scars and blemishes. Newer Radio Frequency technologies gives a new level of control in laser surfacing, permitting extreme precision, especially in delicate areas. Radio Frequency   treatments are non invasive and very safe treatments. It is safe treatment for all skin types.
  • Laser skin resurfacing can improve minor facial flaws, such as:
  1. Fine lines or wrinkles around or under your eyes, forehead or mouth
  2. Scars from acne or chickenpox
  3. Non-responsive skin after a facelift
  4. Aged or sun-damaged skin
  5. Warts
  6. Birthmarks
  7. Enlarged oil glands on the nose

How does laser skin resurfacing work?

  • With minimal epidermal disruption, the fractionated bi-polar RF energy of sublative  removes unwanted, damaged skin in a very precise manner one layer at a time.Non-invasive, safe and effective bi-polar RF energy means high levels of patient satisfaction and optimal results for all skin types.
  • The RF resurfacing will remove your outer layer of skin, called the epidermis. It simultaneously heats the underlying skin, called the dermis. This action works to stimulate growth of new collagen fibers. As the treated area heals, the new skin that forms is smoother and firmer.

How many treatments do I need?

  • On an average, 5 treatments are recommended for excellent results, scheduled 4-5 weeks apart. Each session usually lasts for 45 minutes.

What happens after the treatment?

  • Immediately following your treatment, you will notice reddening of the skin. It takes 10-14 days for the top layer called epidermis to fall off and new skin to show.

When will I see results?

  • Within 2-3 weeks after your treatment, your complexion will be smooth, healthier and younger looking. Remember to avoid sun exposure, wear broad spectrum sun-block, even in the winter months. Protect your beautiful skin!

Skin Tightening treatment

  • What is Laser skin Tightening?
  • Laser skin tightening helps to Firm sagging skin. As we age, collagen growth tends to slow down. The treatment is done with Candela GentleYag laser.
  • Skin tightening Laser tightens skin by producing heat in the deeper layers of the skin which causes inflammation in the skin collagen and elastin. The inflammation causes the formation of new collagen and elastin. The new collagen and elastin are shorter and stronger, and pull the skin tighter to firm or tone the skin. These devices cool the surface of the skin so that the laser energy passes through the skin surface without thermal injury. It is safe treatment for all skin types. Skin tightening is a effective treatment to give you fresh & glowing look.
  • Laser skin tightening can improve minor facial flaws, such as:
  1. Loose skin along the jaw line.
  2. Firm sagging skin on the neck.
  3. Effective on any loose skin areas.

How does laser Skin Tightening work?

  • With no epidermal disruption, we bring your skin temperature to optimal heat level which helps to regenerate the growth of collagen.Laser skin tightening is a minimally invasive, non-surgical process that uses an infrared light source (a laser) to tighten skin by heating the collagen under the skin’s surface, causing the skin to contract (tighten).

How many treatments do I need?

  • On an average, 6 treatments are recommended for excellent results, scheduled 7-10 days apart. Each session usually lasts for 45 minutes.

What happens after the treatment?

  • Immediately following your treatment, you will slight redness on the skin. The redness will fade away within 30-60 mins of the treatment.

When will I see results?

  • After 45-60 days of your treatment and it keeps improving till almost 1 year. Your complexion will be smooth, healthier and younger looking. Remember to avoid sun exposure, wear broad spectrum sun-block, even in the winter months. Protect your beautiful skin!

Vascular, Spider Veins

What is the YAG Laser?

  • The YAG laser can be used to treat or fade away unwanted spider veins, and red capillary veins on any part of your body.  The YAG laser is considered “non-ablative”, which means that is does not cut the top layer of the skin. When the laser is pulsing, the laser blasts the damaged or unwanted tissue away.

What is the recovery time with the YAG laser treatment?

  • Recovery from a YAG laser treatment is uneventful. Patients can expect to feel like they have a sunburn. We recommend topical lubricants and topical steroidal creams to help with the healing process.

What are the risks of excessive sun exposure after laser?

  • Exposing the skin to excessive sun after a laser treatment is not a good idea and we recommend against it. If it is not possible, minimize your sun exposure by applying sunscreen and also shading your face or areas that you have recently treated with a laser. Some of the risks of excessive sun after a laser treatment are poor healing, hyperpigmentation, and possibly scarring.

What kind of downtime should I expect?

  • When treating enlarged veins with the YAG laser, patients will experience mild swelling and possibly some bruising that will last about 2 weeks. The patient has to wear compression garment upto 5 days after the treatment.

How much does the YAG laser cost?

  • The cost of these laser treatments depends on the facility, the laser, and the condition that is being treated. Single sessions range from $150 – $200. Most patients will need a series of treatment. Therefore, the final cost can be $450- $600 for the full series..

YAG for broken capillaries. Can there be scarring?

  • Most healthcare professionals will start with very conservative settings on your first treatment. This is to prevent any adverse reactions. It is better to be safe when starting treatments.

Can be broken capillaries and spider veins around the nose be treated?

  • Yes. Laser technology in its current state is very effective at treating these kind of conditions. It is effective, quick and relatively less painful than the injections. Patient do have to consider spider veins versus varicose veins. Large varicose veins are usually treated with surgical procedures and then followed up with lasers.

Which is best, laser or sclerotherapy for veins?

  • Laser are the best alternate for getting rid of unwanted veins. Small veins are very easily removed with laser unlike sclerotherapy injection. The laser may not be able to treat all the veins but patients may see a very significant reduction.


What is IPL?

  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Photo Facial is a cosmetic procedure which can improve the appearance of skin damage using high intensity light. IPL may be used on the face, neck, décolleté, chest and hands. It is very effective in Acne treatment. There is no downtime and the result is a rejuvenated, flawless appearance.

How does IPL Acne work?

  • IPL acne is applied via a series of gentle light pulses over the whole face and second pass on acne. As the light penetrates the skin, heat generated by the absorbed energy causes damage to the acne or pigmented areas stimulating the body’s own natural healing process.

Does IPL hurt?

  • Most clients describe the sensation of the IPL as a warming sensation similar to the feeling one has after a day at the beach. No topical anesthetics are required.

What can I expect after the treatment?

  • Immediately after a treatment you can expect to feel a mild sunburn sensation.
  • In a few days after the treatment, flared acne starts reducing and the redness due to acne starts diminishing. It is commonly recommended to have a series of IPL to get the best results.

How do I know if I’m a good candidate for IPL Acne?

  • IPL acne is good for anyone who has severe acne or occasional acne breakout. Laser acne treatment is very effective for all skin types. Acne patients start noticing improvement from first treatment onwards. By the end of series, you will have beautiful complexion.

Do I need to prepare for an IPL Acne?

  • Generally speaking you don’t need any special preparations to be treated. However, you need to avoid the sun, tanning beds, spray tan products or bronzers. We will recommend that you wear an SPF 30 or higher before and after your treatments.